The Jamaica 50 Logo - A Nation on a Mission


1. How do you register an event with Jamaica 50

You can register your event by emailing the Secretariat at with details on the nature of your event, the date, venue and parish it will be (please see our downloadable form)

2. How do I become a volunteer?

  • Email with the subject heading “Volunteer” or complete our volunteer form
  • Contact number
  • Age Group
  • Skill Set (what skills can you offer the secretariat, technical skills ie knowledge of Illustrator, Graphic designing, sound operator)
  • Parish of residence – as we may need various volunteers around the island

3. What is Jamaica 50 doing in the Diaspora?

Jamaica 50 is very active in the Diaspora and we have events celebrating Jamaica 50 in New York Tri-State Area, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, London, Birmingham, Brixton, Canada, Cuba, St. Kitts and Nevis. We invite you to register your event with us and receive the designation “Proudly Celebrating Jamaica 50” (refer to question 1 How do you register an event with Jamaica 50)

4. When is the best time to come home for the main celebrations?

The Celebratory Period will commence on August 1 – August 6, 2012

5. Can I use the Jamaica 50 Logo anywhere?

The Jamaica 50 logo is a trademark of the Government of Jamaica that has been registered in Jamaica, USA, Canada and the European Union; we are in the process of completing applications for trademark in China. What does this mean? It means that the Jamaica 50 logo is legally protected and if found being used without prior permission on any merchandise you can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

On this site there are downloads that are permissible for use as wallpapers for your Ipads or Android tablets, Iphones, Blackberry or pc. These downloads are not to be used for printed items and should not be SOLD.

6. Can I print the logo on merchandise?

This is not allowed as the Jamaica 50 has an Official Licensing and Merchandise Programme that already provides merchandise to the market. If you would like to become a part of this programme (see # 8)

7. How do I purchase souvenirs if I am based overseas?

You can visit our online catalogue which gives you a wide selection of locally made products. We have approved Licensees who serve the UK, US & Canadian market.

8. How can I become a part of the international Merchandising & Licensing programme

You can download the Licensing and Merchandising Application and submit the completed form to

9. What is the designated period of celebration?

From August 1st through to August 6th Jamaica and Jamaican will come alive with celebrations to mark 50 years of Independence (check the schedule of events on this website for more information?